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About ifeelmyself

Welcome to our corner of the web, where we’ve been busy making real, natural, and ethical representations of female self-pleasure. IFM is designed to appeal to anyone interested in an intense study of the female orgasm.

IFM is a project that defies categorisation. Our society tends to draw distinctions between pornography and erotica, art and sex. We desire to allow them to intersect without exclusivity, and we want to cross the borders between these categories to create a holistic erotic experience. Our content meditates on the value of the explicit and the unseen, the realities of everyday female sexual desire, and the beauty of a human lost in passionate self-pleasure.

It will also turn you on.

What you’ll find on IFM is real women having real orgasms. We are dedicated to encouraging our contributors to have honest, raw, impassioned experiences and we refine our aesthetic approach to capture that. We also make every effort to ensure that our contributors are comfortable and feeling positive about what they’ve shared. The women of IFM have presented themselves out of a desire to be a part of something different, something that honours their experience above all else.

In its focus on male pleasure, mainstream pornography marginalises the female experience and often deprives it of its dignity. We want to do our part to restore the balance by creating images of female sexuality that are constructive, honest, and personal. If we really want to know everything there is to know about female pleasure, we need to look at it carefully and respectfully, to focus on its nuance. IFM finally makes the space for female sexual representation that considers these values in its production. We want to reveal what everyone else overlooks.

IFM also offers you a chance to consider sexual media on an aesthetic level, and our particular approach prioritises high production values and distinctly feminine imagery. We play with light and shadow, colour and composition, in order to reveal movement, highlight the forms of the feminine, and to illustrate the depth of pleasure experienced by our contributors. The IFM aesthetic has evolved significantly since its inception as the tastes and skills and creative energies of its creators have progressed. It has also included the transition into High Definition, which allows us to translate her experience more clearly.

If you so desire, we invite you to read into what you see and to consider the subtext of what we produce. There are so many things to consider – viewership, the voyeur and the exhibitionist, female sexual autonomy, the aesthetic value of sexuality, and whatever else presents itself to you. We invite you to engage your fantasies, to partake in ours, and to watch hers in action. To actually look at the individual experiences of each unique and beautiful contributor and to share with her a deeply erotic moment.

You get to choose which part or parts of the IFM experience you want to partake in. No matter which ones you’re into, we welcome you to come share your thoughts in the Forums, which is one of the features of IFM that lifts it above the standard virtual sexual discourse. Intelligent and lively discussion about sex is what keeps us excited about what we do. We’ve made something that we love and we’re sharing it with you, and we’re proud of what we present and the level of integrity with which we work, every day.

So, come and explore all that’s available to you on IFM. You’ve found something quite unique and there’s really no time like the present to indulge. I’ll be around if you feel like talking about it later.